Tesla Model Y autos sold out, no new deliveries till April

NEW YORK CITY, New York: Electrek has reported that electric vehicle maker Tesla’s Model Y has sold out for this quarter in the U.S., with production not resuming until April.

According to the Tesla website, the delivery date for the Model Y, a fully electric, mid-sized sports utility vehicle, to US customers will now be April to June 2023, while the delivery schedule for Model S is February to March.

In January, Tesla cut the global prices of its cars by as much as 20 percent, with the Model Y costing $52,990 in the US, down from $65,990, Reuters reported.

According to Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk, after the company’s aggressive price cuts increased demand for its EV’s, its vehicle orders were double its output in January.

In February, Tesla increased the prices of its best-selling vehicle by $1,000, and pushed back the expected deliveries of its basic Model Y to customers in Germany to between February and March.

Tesla has not responded to requests for comment.