Ireland to pass laws to allow airports to bring down intruding drones

DUBLIN, Ireland: The Irish government has vowed to put an end to drones entering the air space at Dublin Airport and causing flight delays.

Just in 2023, airline schedules have been disrupted six times, including on March 2, when flights were grounded after drones approached the airport.

Other European airports have the legislation in place to allow its airports to use technology to bring down drones approaching their airports. Dublin Airport, however, does not have the legal authority to act against intruding drones.

"We will bring an end to this," Finance Minister Michael McGrath told RTE this week. His statement followed a March 2 drone intrusion which shut Dublin Airport for 32 minutes.

Government officials have said that legislation is being prepared to allow all airports in Ireland to protect themselves against incursions by drones, according to McGrath.

Meanwhile, Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O’Leary, whose airline has repeatedly had to delay takeoffs and landings at Dublin Airport, has said Dublin Airport was now the most disrupted large airport in Europe due to drone incursions.

"We cannot have another week of closures," he told Newstalk radio. He also called upon Transport Minister Eamon Ryan to resign if he cannot offer a solution to the problem.