Damien Hirst and Anastasia Schipanova. What unites them?

One of the most famous and richest artists, Damien Hirst has demonstrated to the inteational art community a new series of paintings under the sonorous title “The Beautiful Paintings". The author's idea is a certain idea of bright explosions coming exactly from the center of the canvas. Similar fragments have been observed for many years by another young artist, Anastasia Schipanova. Whether plagiarism takes place is a moot point, but an open one. Damien Hirst has more than sixteen suspicions of plagiarism in the history of his creative career. For example, the American artist Lori Precious made collages of butterfly wings back in the 1990s, and Hurst began doing this only in the 2000s. At the same time, one Precious work from this series costs about £6,000, and similar Hirst creations average £4.7 million.


Anastasia Schipanova paints in a style that she came up with and called energy abstractionism. Abstraction with an emphasis on energy. The girl has numerous exhibitions and awards behind her, such as “Artist Of The Year 2017" Fashion TV, “Artist Of The Year 2018” Fashion People Awards, “WOMAN ART” Woman's Essence Show 2019 and 2020, INTERNATIONAL ART PRIZE MICHELANGELO 2019, “Top 60 Masters" Art Tour Inteational 2020, ART PRIZE NEW YORK CITY 2020, "ARTIST OF THE FUTURE - 2020" Contemporary Art Curator and more.

But now she is actively developing the scientific and psychological art project “Eteal Life”, around which a mysterious and intriguing aura reigns. In December 2022, Anastasia Schipanova covered the Nasdaq billboard with a huge poster with snow-white letters in the ETERNAL LIFE art project in the center of Times Square.

Creative figures often create works similar to what their colleague once did, and this always causes a lot of attention. I wonder how the stories of these two bright representatives of the mode art world will develop.