Photos of Soviet children that became ICONIC

Children at a kindergarten, young pioneers, games outside, civil defense lessons — these are scenes of regular Soviet children, but you may have seen them many times before. They’ve either become iconic illustrations of a happy Soviet childhood or simply stood out for their expressiveness. We gathered the best in one charming collection!

Village children’s doctor conducts an examination. Dmitry Baltermants, 1970s

Dmitry Baltermants/MAMM/MDF/

Children sleeping outside in the winter — a popular practice for the prevention of respiratory diseases in the Soviet Union. Dmitry Baltermants

Dmitry Baltermants/MAMM/MDF/

Goalkeeper. Vladimir Lagrange, 1961

Vladimir Lagrange/MAMM/MDF/

A solfeggio lesson. Vladimir Lagrange, 1969

Vladimir Lagrange/MAMM/MDF/

Young Chukotka inhabitant. Gennady Koposov, 1966

Gennady Koposov/Sputnik

Blind pioneer. Antanas Sutkus, 1962

Antanas Sutkus/MAMM/MDF/

At a civil defense lesson. Rustam Mukhametzyanov, 1977

Rustam Mukhametzyanov/

A short snack break and school news. The construction of the ‘Rossiya’ hotel. Yuri Abramochkin, 1965

Yuri Abramochkin/

The birth of a ballerina. Yuri Abramochkin, 1965

Yuri Abramochkin/

A boy collects apples in the north of Kazakhstan. Yuri Abramochkin, 1965

Yuri Abramochkin/

A girl and her mom go to redeem bottles at a glass processing site. Alexander Lapin, 1981

Alexander Lapin/MAMM/MDF/

A phone conversation between kids at a kindergarten. Arkady Shaikhet, 1954

Arkady Shaikhet/MAMM/MDF/

Young father in Moscow going for a walk. Viktor Akhlomov, 1965

Viktor Akhlomov/MAMM/MDF/

Baltic Fleet sailors talk to a girl named Lyusya. She and other children are being evacuated from a besieged city. Boris Kudoyarov

Boris Kudoyarov/Sputnik

Babies go potty at a nursery. Vitaly Karpov

Vitaly Karpov/Sputnik

Kindergartners in the city Zhodino cross a road. Evgeny Koktysh

Evgeny Koktysh/Sputnik

Children games in a sandbox. Yuri Abramochkin

Yuri Abramochkin/Sputnik

A girl at the shopfront of a Moscow department store ‘Detsky mir’ (’Children’s World’). Galina Kiseleva

Galina Kiseleva/Sputnik

Soviet pioneers — the participants of the Red Square parade in Moscow in honor of the 50th anniversary of Soviet rule. Lev Polikashin

Lev Polikashin/Sputnik

Spring in Moscow. Vadim Kruglikov, 1959


The kindergarten of the Ust-Ilimsk timber industry complex. The inhabitants of the north don’t have enough vitamin D in winter, so the little ones sunbathe under an artificial sun. Boris Babanov

Boris Babanov/Sputnik

Children in a phone booth. Oleg Neelov

O. Neelov/TASS

Exciting festive fuss — getting a Christmas tree. Boris Kavashkin

Boris Kavashkin/TASS

A schoolgirl hauling a heavy school bag along a prospekt (avenue). Nikolay Malyshev

Nikolay Malyshev/TASS

A boy and his friend in the Olenegorsky sovkhoz. Anatoly Kuzyarin

Anatoly Kuzyarin/TASS

A Soviet schoolgirl. Vasily Titov

V. Titov/TASS

On the "Gas!" command, every pioneer put on a gas mask, that’s what it looked like in 1937. Viktor Bulla

Viktor Bulla/MAMM/MDF/

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