UKPNP raises concern over abduction of Kashmiri man in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi [Pakistan] June 13 (ANI): The United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP) condemned the abduction of a Kashmiri man, a resident of Neelum district in Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, who was recently kidnapped from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Taking to X, Sardar Nasir Aziz Khan, the central spokesperson for the UKPNP stated, "Another Kashmiri, Khurshid Ahmed, resident of Neelum, was abducted on June 7 from Rawalpindi, Pakistan by uniformed personnel The UKPNP condemns this enforced disappearancedemands his immediate release and justice."The human rights issues in Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan have been a subject of concern for several years.

Human rights organizations have documented numerous cases of enforced disappearances and arbitrary arrests by Pakistani security forces in the occupied regions. Many of these cases involve individuals critical of the government’s policies.

Moreover, there are reports of restrictions on freedom of expression and press freedom in PoJK and PoGB.

Journalists and media outlets have been facing censorship for reporting on sensitive issues, including human rights violations and political dissent.

Political parties and activists advocating for autonomy face repression and persecution by the authorities.

Moreover, there are allegations of electoral fraud and manipulation to suppress voices critical of the government.

There is a lack of effective mechanisms to hold security forces and government officials accountable for violations committed against civilians.

In addition, there are concerns about land grabbing and exploitation of natural resources in the area, with local communities often marginalized or displaced without adequate compensation or consultation. (ANI)