Meta to introduce Telegram-like channels on Instagram

Washington [US], February 17 (ANI): American tech conglomerate Meta is set to introduce its own take on Telegram channels with broadcast channels on Instagram.

According to The Verge, an American technology news website, the announcement was made by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday via one of the new channels. The channels feature currently only works on the mobile app.

Creators can now broadcast messages and updates to a large audience of followers who have opted in to follow the channel. Followers will be unable to post in the channels, but they will be able to emoji reply to posts and vote in polls.

Zuckerberg’s channel, called Meta Channel will be a place where he shares "news and updates on all the products and tech we’re building at Meta," reported The Verge.

He says down the line channels will "support collabs with guest appearances, AMAs and more. Channels are initially exclusively available on Instagram, but will be available on Messenger and Facebook "in the coming months."Currently, the feature is in testing with a select group of creators, including snowboarder Chloe Kim and streamer Valkyrae, who will be starting their broadcast channels over the course of Thursday.

As per The Verge, the new channels could be a very useful new tool for creators to share updates with their communities. (ANI)