US Republicans: No cuts to Social Security, Medicare

WASHINGTON D.C.: House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer stressed that Republicans said they would not cut Social Security and Medicare programs, but "everything else is on the table" in talks on raising U.S. government borrowing limits.

"We need to shore those programs up. They’re running out of money. But at the end of the day, those programs are going to be off the table with respect to cuts, but everything else is on the table," Comer said, as reported by ABC News.

After the $31.4 trillion debt ceiling was nearly reached earlier this month, the Treasury warned that it may not be able to prevent a default after early June.

At the same time, Republican lawmakers and President Joe Biden are locked in a disagreement over how to raise the borrowing limit.

Biden said he would not negotiate over raising it, while Republicans affirmed they would not agree to raise the limit without concessions on spending.