Media: Biden plans April Ireland visit to mark Good Friday Agreement

DUBLIN, Ireland: Media reports indicate that US President Joe Biden will visit Ireland in April to commemorate the Good Friday Agreement’s 25th anniversary.

The planning for the visit has already begun, said officials.

It is believed that Biden will visit Dublin, Co Mayo and Belfast on his official State visit.

"President Biden will be coming to Ireland this year, the question is when, but April is being looked at," a source said, as reported by the Irish Examiner.

"Discussions are underway about Mr Biden coming in April to mark the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement," the source added, noting "nothing is confirmed yet but talks have begun on the matter."

While in Dublin, Biden is expected to stay at the US Ambassador’s residence in Phoenix Park.

Also, a presidential visit to Co Mayo would occur in a more "informal capacity."

Biden had said he hoped to visit Ireland during previous discussions, according to a spokesperson for Tanaiste Micheal Martin.

"President Biden’s travel arrangements are obviously a matter for him. He always has an open invitation to visit Ireland and the President has expressed a wish to come," the spokesperson added.

Biden earlier stated that he would like to visit with relatives who live in Ballina (Co Mayo) and Carlingford (Co Louth).

Biden visited Ballina in 2016 and dined with his relatives, the Blewitt family.