Karnataka achieves 126 pc target in cataract surgeries: State health minister

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], February 27 (ANI): Karnataka has achieved 126 per cent of the target given by the Union government in cataract surgeries, Health and Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar said on Monday.

The state health minister also added that green laser treatment has also been started in government hospitals for people suffering from diabetes.

"The Centre had set a target of 3,39,600 cataract surgeries this year. However, we have already conducted 4,28,451, achieving 126 per cent of the stipulated target," an official statement said quoting Sudhakar.

He further said that several people, especially in Hyderabad Karnataka and North Karnataka region are suffering from Diabetic Retinopathy for which advanced green laser treatment has been introduced.

"Our ophthalmologists at a government hospital in Vijayapura District have developed special expertise and are performing this innovative survey on a pilot basis. We also see good results from this," he informed.

Retinopathy due to diabetes can lead to gradual vision loss. If it is detected and found necessary, the problem can be solved by green laser treatment.

"More than 40 patients have undergone surgery in the Vijayapura district in the last month. This treatment will be extended to other hospitals as well," the minister further said, adding that diabetic patients are being screened in rural areas and those who need treatment are referred to the district hospital.

In addition to this, the Blindness Free Ballari District campaign is getting a good response and special mobile treatment camps are being organized in every taluk of the Bellary district, K Sudhakar stated.

"Arrangements are being made for special treatment in taluk hospitals. On average 22 people are given green laser treatment in the camp," the minister said.

Screening camps are being conducted through Mobile Health Units. Two camps are held every month in Bellary, Sandur, and Siruguppa.

As per the official statement, among those who are receiving treatment, 98 per cent belong to the BPL family and about 60 to 70 per cent are women.

"This time, 22 people were operated on, out of which, 17 were women and five were men. Free spectacles are distributed and cataract surgeries are being conducted under the Blindness Free Bellary Campaign. 12,668 people have been treated so far," K Sudhakar said. (ANI)