Two injured in blast in Afghanistan capital Kabul

Kabul [Afghanistan], February 5 (ANI): Taliban-ruled government’s security official reported that a blast took place in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul’s ‘Pashtunistan Square,’ and injured two civilians, Khaama Press reported.

On Saturday evening, an explosion took place which was caused by the magnetic mine placed in a Toyota ‘Hilux’ vehicle, said Khalid Zadran, Taliban’s appointed spokesperson for the Kabul police Command.

The spokesperson did not provide further details about the terror incident, but security personnel has reached the area and investigations are underway.

Meanwhile, some local Kabul residents have described the blast as quite horrific and loud which was heard from distant places. No one or group has claimed the responsibility for the attack so far, reported Khaama Press.

Afghanistan is witnessing a spike in street crimes. On Friday, anonymous people slaughtered seven members of a family in the ‘Chimtaal’ district in Mazar-i-Sharif, a northern province of Afghanistan. It is still not identified who committed the group killing and what were the motives behind the slaughter.

Two weeks ago, Mursal Nabizada, a former parliament member of Afghanistan, and one of her security guards were in killed in the heart of Kabul, with no one taking the responsibility for the killing, according to Khaama Press.

Spokesperson of the Kabul Security Department, Khalid Zadran, said that Mursal Nabizada, a former representative of Laghman province in the Afghan Parliament was killed by unknown gunmen in Kabul city’s 12th district.

According to Zadar, unknown gunmen entered Mursal Nabizada’s house in the "Ahmadsha Baba Mena" locality in Kabul city’s 12th district. The gunmen shot dead two people, reported Khaama Press.

Zadran said that those responsible have not been identified yet and the reason behind the killing remains unclear. During the attack, Nabizada’s brother was also wounded. His family is, however, yet to comment on the incident.

Further investigations are underway, Zadran said.

After the incident, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for a probe into the killing of former Afghan parliamentarian Mursal Nabizada.

"I can tell you that the Secretary-General is shocked by the killings of Mursal Nabizada, a former member of the Afghan parliament, and a member of her security detail. This happened in Kabul yesterday," UN chief’s Associate Spokesperson Stephanie Tremblay said during Monday’s regular briefing for correspondents in New York.

Security issues pose major threats to foreign nationals and potential investors in the country. The bombing which took place in a Chinese-run hotel in Kabul a couple of months ago, resulting in the injury of scores of Chinese nationals is a clear example.

Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August 2021, armed groups linked to the Afghan branch of the Islamic State have carried out bombings targeting ethnic Hazaras, Afghan Shias, Sufis, and others, killing and injuring hundreds. (ANI)