Mainpuri: Over 21 students fall sick after drinking contaminated water, 7 hospitalised

Mainpuri (Uttar Pradesh) [India], February 10 (ANI): Over 21 students fell ill and seven other students were hospitalised after allegedly drinking contaminated water at Government Engineering College in Uttar Pradesh’s Mainpuri, a health official said on Friday.

The matter came to light when district health officials learnt that a large number of students from a college in the district were admitted to a hospital.

PP Singh, Chief Medical Officer of Mainpuri (CMO) and Madan Lal, Centers for Medicare and Medical Services (CMS) of Maharaja Tej Singh District Hospital immediately reached the district hospital to gather information and review the condition of the students.

Madan Lal (CMS) said it was found that at least 21 students pursuing Engineering courses in a Government Engineering College were admitted to a hospital since February 9, with symptoms of vomiting and dysentery.

At present, he said seven students are undergoing treatment at the hospital, adding that others were discharged. The condition of 21 engineering college students worsened after drinking water from the water cooler on Thursday late.

"In a hurry, everyone was brought to the district hospital where seven students were admitted. Others were discharged after first aid," he said.

"Water samples from water tanks, purifiers and cooler machines have been sent to the Public Health Engineering (PHE) department for clinical testing. Prima facie, it seems like contaminated water could be the cause of the illness," the health official said.

A teacher from the college said that the administration also got alerted after the condition of engineering college students deteriorated. The Food and Safety Department team reached the college and sealed the sample of contaminated water for examination.

Students who became victims after contaminated water expressed apprehension of poisonous substances in the water.

The health officials said that further investigation is underway. (ANI)