Turkey earthquake: Women weep in Gaziantep, as their loved ones trapped under rubble

Ankara [Turkey], February 12 (ANI): Rescue workers in Turkey continued to search for survivors and pull them out from the rubble after the deadly earthquake jolted Turkey and neighbouring Syria on February 6.

Women in the Nurdagi region of Turkey’s Gaziantep were seen crying as their family members are still in debris, where the search and rescue operation is being conducted.

[{ca95c1d7-a633-4efd-b75a-7b53630f4d7c:intradmin/ANI-20230212145000.jpg}]People waited as rescuers carried out search operations among the rubble of collapsed buildings in Nurdagi. Women and girls were seen crying inconsolably as they awaited news of their family members and loved ones under the debris. A group of women huddled together with pain on their faces, seemingly losing all hope amid a mounting death toll in Turkey that exceeded 24,000.

[{2414fd25-379b-4c91-9c13-6c718f616238:intradmin/ANI-20230212145021.jpg}][{83f6aebb-f08a-42a8-9cd7-143dd441ebc8:intradmin/ANI-20230212144812.jpg}]An elderly woman was raising her hands in grief and wailing, as she narrated her suffering and plight to the women sitting near her. Men were seen watching the rescue operation being conducted, with sadness, pain and a flicker of hope in their hearts.

A man was also seen offering prayers among the scenes of devastation in the earthquake-hit Nurdagi region of Turkey.

[{51802f5e-b098-40b5-95e0-98592daab616:intradmin/ANI-20230212144952.jpg}][{31e4c459-8d8a-4b07-8ca9-22a4f1f275d9:intradmin/ANI-20230212144822.jpg}]Speaking to ANI, Omer said, "My family and kids are still trapped in the debris. Both are aged six and seven years old." Another man named Hassan said that his cousin sister and other family members are still in the debris. Hassan hopes for the survival of his family members.The death toll in Turkey and Syria after the earthquake on Monday, meanwhile, climbed to 28,192. The death toll in Turkey touched 24,617, CNN reported citing Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay.

The death toll in Syria reached 3575, including 2,167 in rebel-held areas and 1408 in government-controlled regions. (ANI)