On anniversary of war, Martin pledges Ireland’s support for Ukraine

DUBLIN, Ireland: Tanaiste Micheal Martin has promised that Ireland will continue to support Ukraine in its ongoing war against Russia.

Martin’s pledge comes as Ireland joined with 140 other members of the United Nations this week to insist that Russia end its hostilities again Ukraine.

Speaking on the one year anniversary of the Russian invasion in Dublin, Martin said, "One year ago today, the people of Ukraine were awakened in their sleep by a full-scale invasion by Russia. The invasion was unprovoked, unlawful and unjustifiable."

Martin described Ukraine’s defense as ".exercising its inherent and solemn right of self-defense against Russian aggression."

Martin remained highly critical of Russia, saying, "The illegal and immoral actions carried out daily by the forces of the Russian Federation on the sovereign territory of Ukraine are the actions of a rogue state."

Martin noted that while Ireland is a militarily neutral state, it does not remain neutral to aggression and immorality.

"We are not neutral when Russia disregards all of these principles. No, we stand with Ukraine," he added.

Martin also called on the International Criminal Court to prosecute those responsible for committing war crimes in Ukraine.

Martin took note of the refugees from Ukraine who have taken shelter in Ireland.

"To those who have arrived here from Ukraine, I hope that you have found in Ireland safe harbor and friendship for as long as you need. Most of you, I know, look forward to the day when you can return to a peaceful and free Ukraine, to the family and friends you have left behind."

Martin also said Ireland supports Ukraine’s bid to become a member of the European Union.