MCD grants permission to 138 open spaces, 57 terraces for serving food, collects revenue of Rs 5.44 cr

New Delhi [India], February 26 (ANI): Erstwhile SDMC had implemented a policy for use of open space abutting the licensed eating house and terrace of the licensed eating house for service /dining purposes. This policy has now also been extended to erstwhile NDMC and EDMC areas as part of the unified policy of the Corporation.

The policy was taken hands-on by restaurant owners and the Public Health Department of MCD has granted permission to 138 open spaces and 57 terraces for serving food which has resulted in approximate revenue of Rs. 5.44 Crore to the corporation.

As per policy implemented by the Municipal corporation of Delhi, the eating house owners are permitted to serve the food in the open space adjacent to the licensed eating houses with the condition that, the applicant should be a legal occupant of the open space/terrace.

"Fire NOC is mandatory, however, no fire NOC is required for use of open space at ground and if the total open area of the restaurant on upper floors is less than 90 sq. meters., Open space dining area should not block the pedestrian way, Open space/terrace permission not allowed in the refuse area left for fire rescue and No cooking/Kitchen is allowed in open space/terrace," read an official notice.

"Municipal Corporation of Delhi will charge an annual license fee at the rate of Rs 200 per sq feet for Open space/or Terrace/part Terrace area of the eating house. In the case of star hotels (4 Star and above) annual license fee will be Rs 500 per sq. feet," it read. (ANI)