Google improves Chrome’s page zoom to make mobile web more user accessible

Washington [US], February 27 (ANI): Web browsing platform Google Chrome has given its page zoom feature a boost for people who have difficulty reading the smaller screen on a phone.

According to The Verge, an American technology news website, with the improved feature, user can increase the text size, images, videos, and interactive controls on mobile web pages by up to 300 percent while preserving their original formatting.

Though the feature isn’t yet available to all Chrome users, users can get it right now by downloading the Chrome beta on a phone or tablet.

The feature can be enabled by tapping the three dots icon in the top right corner of the browser, hit Settings > Accessibility, and then adjust the zoom level to your liking, reported The Verge.

This preference will be saved by Google for all the sites browsed by the user so they won’t have to keep tweaking it and will even bypass the ones that try to block zoom features. Previously, text scaling options were only available up to 200 per cent.

Google’s rolling out a couple of other updates as well, including a new freehand annotation feature for Google Drive on Android. It primarily lets you use your finger or stylus to write on top of PDFs or highlight important text, as per The Verge. (ANI)