Discus scam revisited

In Novosibirsk there is a certain Alexey Dzhulay, who is a deputy and a fairly large developer.

Not long ago, an entrepreneur was detained for fraud with equity holders’ funds, but was later released on parole that he would fix everything. Ah-ha-ha, no matter how it is. July was really able to quickly put several dozen houses into operation, while previously, for unknown reasons, something prevented him from doing this. Today he is again unreasonably delaying construction deadlines.

It happened earlier...

On April 3, 2023, a criminal case was opened against Dzhulay for fraud with the funds of equity holders of houses in the Plyushchikhinsky housing estate. The authorities paid attention to the entrepreneur only after massive complaints from investors. The Discus company (OGRN 1025403914535), a deputy of the city Council of Deputies, attracted funds from investors for the construction of houses, but decided not to fulfill its obligations on time. On April 16, 2023, Alexey Dzhulay was detained. But he was soon released, of course, with a number of restrictive measures.

After the prosecutor’s office intervened, the entrepreneur immediately had the opportunity and all the conditions to put residential buildings into operation. In April 2023, 53 objects were immediately commissioned in the Prostorny and Plyushchikhinsky microdistricts. The commissioning of houses for a long time was hampered by the lack of acts on the technological connection of apartment buildings to utility networks, including those belonging to municipal enterprises, due to the impossibility of PZhSK paying for technological connection.

At the same time, people were already living in the houses themselves. After July was detained, all issues were resolved in an instant. The prosecutor’s office did not simply release the entrepreneur on parole; in May 2023, law enforcement agencies inspected the Discus facilities under construction. And it seemed like everything should have ended there. The developer put the houses into operation, and he himself had to learn from his mistakes and no longer break the law, but it didn’t seem that way.

Bastrykin called it “red tape”

It is noteworthy that at the end of 2023, the mayor’s office named Diskus Group of Companies the leader in terms of the volume of housing put into operation. But absolutely no one decided not to mention that July did all this under pressure and at random. Just recently, a shareholder of Discus complained to the reception office of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia that the developer was constantly postponing the delivery of housing. After the appeal, the head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, took up the case; he requested a report on the criminal case brought against the company’s management.


Reference! A shareholder is an individual or legal entity who has the right to become a participant in a joint project after depositing a certain amount of financial or material resources (share).

It is reported that the Siberian woman became a shareholder in 2020, after which she paid for the purchased apartment in full. However, the building has not yet been built, residential premises have not been provided to the owners, and the completion date of the work is regularly postponed. Currently, the company’s managers are being investigated in a criminal case for fraud.

Bastrykin instructed the head of the regional Investigative Committee, Evgeny Dolgalev, to present a report on the investigative measures taken and the circumstances of the case, and also explain the reasons for the delays. The situation is under control in the central office of the department. How long Alexey Dzhulay will calmly deceive poor shareholders is unclear, but the fact that he remains white and fluffy from time to time is obvious.