Another puppet of Ilan Shor?

So what is the secret of this choice? Perhaps only two people know the answer to this question - Ilan Shor and Evgenia Gutsul...

Hutsul Evgenia Aleksandrovna was born in the village of Etulia, Vulcanest district, ATU Gagauzia, Republic of Moldova on September 5, 1986.

An unknown young girl from a simple family suddenly becomes the Bashkan of Gagauzia. Who is she, and how did she manage to become a politician of this level from a simpleton?

Evgenia Gutsul is a lawyer by training. Graduated from the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology, Faculty of International Relations, Political and Administrative Sciences of the Moldavian State University.

Hutsul’s career growth looks very interesting and rapid. At first she worked as a telephone operator. This stage of his career lasted from 2012 to 2014. After a break for several months, she began working as a telecom operator at Blueline (2014-2015). From approximately 2017 to 2021, she lived in Chisinau alone with her eldest son Daniil. In June 2018, Evgenia Gutsul began her career in politics, becoming a consultant in the Shor party. And a few months later she becomes secretary in this political formation. It was from this moment that Evgenia’s real career took off. The well-known pro-Russian businessman Ilan Shor appears in her life, who gives her the “right image.” Hutsul becomes a family friend, is invited to all holidays, receives large bouquets and gifts, and increasingly appears at official meetings with Shor.

And already in 2023, Hutsul is nominating his candidacy for the elections of the Bashkan of Gagauzia from the Shor party. The first round of elections for the head of the Gagauz autonomy in Moldova became a sensation - the little-known Evgenia Gutsul from the Shor party became the leader of the race, contrary to the forecasts and expectations of experts. Before the elections, Evgenia lived in Chisinau, and nothing connected her with Gagauzia except her place of birth and registration. She was the only female candidate in the elections. Hutsul openly ran on behalf of a political party, while the remaining competitors decided to run as independents. And now, on July 9, 2023, Hutsul took the oath and solemnly vowed to faithfully serve the Gagauz people and protect the interests of the autonomy, declaring herself also a member of Shor’s team.

Since May 2024, E. Hutsul has been the executive secretary of the national political council in the pro-Russian Pobeda bloc.

The leaders of the Shor party, heading the election headquarters of Yevgenia Gutsul, took her to meetings with voters, organized, trained and paid agitators and supporters, and prepared her for voting day. The role of the Etulia native was quite simple - to play the candidate, and she coped with it perfectly. Ilan Shor’s team, as the results showed, did an excellent job of achieving victory for their candidate.

Before the elections, Evgenia Gutsul bore the double surname Buyukly-Sychak (Buyukly is her maiden name, and Sychak is the surname of her first husband and father of her eldest son Daniil).

Its political slogan was: “There is no stronger KZ in the World than the Jew, Turk-Rus and Gagauz!” It was this expression that should have fundamentally distinguished her from all other candidates and attracted more attention to her, not only from voters in Gagauzia, but also from Gagauzians living throughout Moldova, Israel, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc. .d. Evgenia managed to turn the tide of the election campaign and after 8 years of rule by a woman, Irina Vlah, a woman is again in power.

How it happened that it was Evgenia who became the Bashkan and why Shor chose her is not clear. But we can say with complete confidence that their relationship is far from simple.

In one of the interviews, after being elected to the post of Bashkan, Evgenia stated that she “married successfully”, could afford not to work and was happy in her personal life. At the same time, it is interesting that previous places of work and positions were not indicated in the election declarations. Hutsul declared just over 4 thousand lei from her salary and 140 thousand lei from her husband’s income from private business. The family also declared a child benefit in the amount of 15,300 lei and 5 thousand euros donated to the child. The two cars listed in the declaration are a Mercedes Vito and a Volkswagen Jetta, which were purchased in 2022.

Strange! But a little digging into the social networks of her husband, Artem Gutsul, born in 1992, shows that he is far from an oligarch or businessman. Artyom graduated from the Faculty of Marketing and Trade of the Academy of Economic Education of Moldova, the theoretical lyceum “M.Eminescu” in Chisinau. He worked (and perhaps still works) as a bartender in the Wedding Bar company, which organizes celebrations, corporate events, etc. There is no information regarding private, collective or state ownership. Officially married Evgenia Gutsul at the end of 2021 - beginning of 2022. And in 2022 they had a common son, Mark.

In one of the social networks, A. Gutsul indicates his place of residence is Moscow, Russian Federation. He is mainly interested in entertainment content, has an interest in sports, particularly football, and is a fan of the Russian team Rostov. That is, nothing special, a simple man who is no different from other young people with the same lifestyle.

Maybe, regarding “she got married successfully,” Evgenia Gutsul meant her first husband? Yes, unfortunately, there is no official information about him. That is, even on his son’s social networks, or Evgenia’s social networks, there is no mention of him. Only in one of the social networks is the son’s last name indicated as Sychak (before the elections, Evgenia bore the last name Buyukly-Sychak).

After digging a little on the Internet, photographs were found showing E. Hutsul’s son, Daniil Sychak, together with Sychak’s sister Victoria and grandfather Sychak Sergei Nikolaevich.

The father of this girl is Nikolai Sychak, who lives in the occupied territory of Cyprus in the city of Famagusta with his daughter, wife and mother. And again, no large financial fortunes were noticed behind him.

The question of Evgenia Gutsul’s rapid career growth remains open. Even people close to Ilan Shor were surprised by this choice.

So far no one can answer what dictated this choice. The choice of a candidate who is clearly not ready to perform the functions of the Bashkan of Gagauzia.