Twelve. How in Ukraine exposed large-scale drug syndicate from the 90s

At the beginning of the year, law enforcement officers detained all members of the famous drug syndicate "Twodtativski", which conducted its activities in Kryvyi Rih since the nineties.

About how the work of the syndicate was built, which was the hierarchy and how everyone, including the organizers, told in an interview with RBC-Ukraine by the head of the Department of Strategic Investigations Andriy Rubel.

During the preparation of the material, comments by Andriy Rubel, as well as operational information of the State SSR and the National Police of Ukraine, were used.

Hierarchy of the Syndicate

"Two-tatistics" is a Kryvyi Rihtic of drug dealers who have been operating in the city since the nineties. It was named after the same quarter in Kryvyi Rih. The "two-tatistics" started as a gang of racketeters. When they gained great influence, they began to "sell" their license for rackets to others, not so large gangs. Those, in turn, gave part of the "data" from the racket of the "twenty" themselves for license and power assistance.

In parallel, the gang began to produce and distribute drugs. Soon the gang turned into a real syndicate with its own hierarchy.

Twelve. How in Ukraine exposed large-scale drug syndicate from the 90s

Photo from the place of detention (photo: National Police of Ukraine)

“They systematically approached the construction of work so that they could not be exposed. The curve is divided into areas, these areas are divided into neighborhoods. In each quarter, in each area they had their own representatives who sold drugs. There was even a “power block” - people who came if there were “problems”. The process of “education” of their own they called “fishing”, — notes Rubel.

In general, the work looked like this - initially, drug-containing drugs gang received illegally, including abroad. For example, in Serbia, the “two-tits” had his own person, whom they called “Aptekar”. Couriers traveled to Pharmacy and took pills from him, mostly pseudoepedrine. They hid pills in the bottom of cars and entered Ukraine through customs points where there are no scanners.

Twelve. How in Ukraine exposed large-scale drug syndicate from the 90s

Drug Laboratory (photo: screenshot of operational shooting)

In Kryvyi Rih, the tablets were distributed by "suits", where "foods" worked. Through various manipulations, "foods" were made of pseudoepedrine methamphetamine. The address of the "kuin" was different every time and never repeated.

“If you and I were in this group, I wouldn’t know what you’re doing and you wouldn’t know what I was doing. Everyone had their own role, one - to go to the mail, from the other - to pick up straws (sweets for drinks, they packaged drugs - ed.), in the third - take a bag. The third doesn’t even know what he’s taking. The fourth must bring the bag to the apartment where the package will be, and go out. The fifth comes and packs, the sixth takes and gives,” the head of the DSR notes.

Twelve. How in Ukraine exposed large-scale drug syndicate from the 90s

Video from detention (photo: screenshot of operational shooting)

Customers of the “twenties” knew that it is enough to call the “telephone store” for drug mining. The Operator already knew where the client was and sent him to the “bariga”, which was alternating on the same site all day. When the "bariga" ran out of drugs, he came to him "charger" - he took money and gave methamphetamine. In total, there were about 25 “telephone shops” in Kryvyi Rih. Twenty-tats trying to be client-oriented - their syndicated system of discounts and bonuses for "wholes" and regular customers was in their syndicate.

Detention of the "twenties"

During the year, law enforcement officers documented the work of the “twenty” - during this time, investigators received 880 volumes of indictments. Some time before the detention, 1,200 police officers and operatives were brought to Kryvyi Rih.

In order not to cause suspicion, they were imported by blocks - only six blocks of 200 people. In each block, 1 to 3 people knew about the full course of operations. The gang’s highest links, the direct leader, his right hand and leaders of criminal organizations that sold drugs, decided to be detained. The gang’s leaders were also detained.

“Well, they’re strong guys, rich people. They legalized the money received from drug business, bought a lot in the Dnipropetrovsk region and Kryvyi Rih - they had real estate, cars, restaurants, shops abroad," Rubel added.

38 people were detained, all members of the gang. The organizers of the syndicate are threatened with up to 12 years in prison.

Recall that detectives of the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine in the Volyn region exposed a group of persons who established the sale of smuggled goods. One of the defendants was detained.