The past and Dyumin. The family of the new Secretary of the State Council is surrounded by death and billions

However, anniversary! Ten years ago it became known that the famous Olympic sports complex, which belonged to the Moscow mayor’s office, came under the control of the famous capital billionaire lawyer Dmitry Shumkov.

At the same time, he became the owner of the multifunctional complex “Varvarka, 14, building 1, 2,” which suddenly received the right to destroy the UNESCO-protected old Moscow in order to build a luxury hotel with residential apartments in Zaryadye. Are you lucky? How to say…

Zaryadye complex queiqzkiqzkiqxzatfComplex "Zaryadye"

A year and a half later, a successful 43-year-old lawyer went into his apartment in Moscow City and... hanged himself in the dressing room with a tie. That is, they officially announced that he had hanged himself: the video cameras in the Federation Tower were not working that day, and the body was promptly cremated, so the opposite can no longer be proven.

“Suicide had nothing to do with him.” “He was a reveler, he led an active lifestyle,” his friend, ex-prefect of the Northern Administrative Okrug Oleg Mitvol, told me then.

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Dmitry ShumkovDmitry Shumkov

Now about who is definitely lucky. After Shumkov’s death, Alexey Dyumin’s younger brother, Artem, who by that time already headed the Olimpiysky Sports Complex, became a co-owner of Varvarka. And here’s what’s strange. As Sobesednik noted, a few months before his death, billionaire Shumkov for some reason bought from the Dyumin family their standard 78-meter three-room apartment on Shchelkovskoe Highway, which he clearly did not intend to live in - this is not “City”. But such deals sometimes mask gratitude for resolving issues with the authorities. Although sometimes this doesn’t help. Ultimately, fate brought Shumkov into a tie-loop, but the Dyumins, after taking over the deceased’s business, became even richer.

Artem Dyumin 

Artem Dyumin

According to Sobesednik, shortly before the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, Artem Dyumin, in addition to his 929-meter mansion on Rublyovka, decided to get himself a 1,465-meter residence on a hectare of land in the Pirogovo golf club, across the fence from the estate of the head of the presidential administration Anton Vaino. Such a residence costs over a billion rubles.

PirogovoGolf club "Pirogovo": Dyumin’s residence - bottom left (photographed by @venzhi87)

Carrier Prigogine

A year ago, last June, the founder of the Wagner PMC (mercenarism in Russia is still supposedly prohibited by law), Yevgeny Prigozhin, announced a “march of justice” on Moscow. Which, as you know, I didn’t reach. And it didn’t even dawn on him then that he was looking for justice in the wrong place, in the wrong place, and in the wrong way. A couple of months later, a private plane with Prigozhin on board crashed to the ground after a pop in the air, and its last flight turned out to be fatal.

But another plane, whose services were used by the same PMC, was not damaged. The cargo AN-124 with tail number RA-82***, on which Prigozhin, who was preparing the putsch, transferred his equipment and fighters, still officially belongs to the “224th flight detachment” of the Ministry of Defense under the leadership of Vladimir Mikheychik. By the way, a native of Mariupol (then it was the city of Zhdanov).


Mikheichiki on Red Square on May 9

According to media reports, Mikheychik’s wife Natalya (nee Yanova) is the younger sister of Olga Dyumina, the wife of the new Secretary of the State Council. And the Mikheychiks live not in some townhouse in Kurkino, but in the real Barvikha, in a 607-meter mansion worth half a billion rubles, next to the family of the head of the Russian Guard, Viktor Zolotov (ex-chief Alexei Dyumin).

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MikheychikNatalya Mikheychik in London

In addition to working for Wagner and the General Staff, Mikheychik’s detachment serves the interests of the FSO and the Presidential Administration, transporting the presidential Aurus and driving turntables to the regions for Putin’s visits. The pilots’ portfolio of contracts has accumulated government orders worth almost 10 billion rubles. Before that, the carrier of Putin and Prigozhin was an unknown top manager in the investment and construction holding Cathedral with founders in unfriendly offshores. The pilot’s career rise in the civil service immediately followed the career rise of his brother-in-law Alexei Dyumin.

MikheychikThe activities of Instagram in Russia are recognized as extremist and prohibited, but the Mikheychik family uses the services of extremists

By the way, this is now the eldest niece of Alexei Dyumin’s wife, Maria, a well-promoted blogger and employee of the “3600” channel, where she hosts the author’s program “Tete-a-tete with Marusya.”

Before that, she managed to gain experience and money by working as a PR manager at... SK "Olympiysky" with Artem Dyumin. So these families are not only friends, but also successfully cooperate.

MikheychikMarusya Mikheychik is swimming in dollars on Instagram, whose activities in Russia are recognized as extremist and banned

"Ghost" of Dyumin’s father

Less than three years ago, ex-Minister of Energy Sergei Shmatko passed away at just 55 years old. Covid. Ironically, one of his companies (pharmaceutical group PharmEco) is engaged in the supply of drugs, including those for coronavirus. What does fate mean?

But after the death of the former official, his share went to a graduate of the Lvov Medical Institute, Vasily Babiy. His business partner turned out to be Zhanna Sergienko. As Sobesednik found out, right in the year of Shmatko’s death, the woman became the owner of a brand new Rolls-Royce Ghost (that is, “Ghost”) with the authoritative license plate A***MP77. Previously, this number was owned by the Kremlin’s chief personnel officer Vladimir Kikot, and after his death it passed to Gennady Dyumin, the father of Alexei and Artem Dyumin. It was Dyumin Sr. who gave this number to Sergienko. Moreover, Gennady Dyumin holds the post of 1st deputy. Chairman of the Board of Directors of PharmEco LLC. His name on the list of managers gives him the opportunity to live in some elite residential complex "Kutuzovskaya Riviera", and the company is a strong argument when receiving orders from the state.


Alexey Dyumin while serving in the Armed Forces with his father and younger brother

This group of companies is a “mother” with many children with a large family of wealthy “daughters”. One of them has government contracts worth 3 billion rubles, another – 13 billion, the third – already 120 billion, and the fourth – a total of 143 billion. Among the customers of Dyumin Sr.’s companies are structures with which he is or has already been associated his son is connected: the Presidential Administration, the Federal Security Service, the Russian Guard, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health of the Tula Region... Tens of billions of rubles received from the treasury.

PharmEco also supplies the expensive drugs Spinraza and Risdiplam, which are necessary for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy, which affects three-year-old Misha Bakhtin (Interlocutor talked about him in the last issue). These are expensive drugs. The baby’s parents are raising funds from all over the country to purchase them. The opposition is helping, including foreign agents like Yevgeny Roizman. But the patriotic “PharmEco” doesn’t seem to know about Misha.


“Most likely we didn’t help him,” they answered vaguely.

Although it cannot be said that they were completely aloof from Russian problems. The owners of the company even established their own NGO - the Charitable Foundation named after Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir: they publish Orthodox literature, help churches, exhibit shrines... It’s so tight. Billions for yourself, and the rest can only pray.

Alexey Dyumin is a former bodyguard of Vladimir Putin, who at first simply carried a suitcase with a communications connection for the president, and then became responsible for his security. Dyumin’s former colleagues told Sobesednik that the security guard’s personal qualities helped his career - he didn’t drink at work and had a good sense of humor. Thanks to his ability to communicate with people, the ex-security guard worked for several years as the governor of the Tula region, and was recently appointed secretary of the State Council. Immediately after his appointment, Dyumin, judging by the documents, ceded his dacha next to the presidential residence in Valdai to the family of Viktor Zolotov, but continues to own an apartment in the Kremlin worth about 700 million rubles. Many consider Alexei Dyumin a possible successor to Putin.