For third day, Ireland halts flights due to drone incursion in Dublin

DUBLIN, Ireland: For the third day, flights scheduled to arrive in Dublin were diverted to Belfast and Shannon airports due to the incursion by a drone flying over the airfield.

Additionally, aircraft were unable to depart from Dublin Airport, while those preparing to land were placed in holding patterns away from the airport as a search for the drone was carried out.

Among the flights unable to land in Dublin was a TUI Airways flight from Gran Canaria diverted to Belfast Airport, along with a Ryanair flight from Valencia in Spain. A Ryanair flight from Wroclaw, Poland was diverted to Shannon Airport, where it was had to refuel before returning to Dublin.

This third flight shutdown in Dublin lasted for some 40 minutes.

In a statement, Dublin airport said the flying of drones within 5km of the airport is "reckless and irresponsible" and "illegal."

"Those found responsible will face prosecution. While safety and security remain our top priorities such disruptions cause huge inconvenience to our passengers," the airport added in a statement.

Drones also disrupted passenger air traffic in Dublin on February 10 and 11.