Samsung once again working on its own high-end CPU cores

Seoul [South Korea], March 7 (ANI): A new rumour suggests that South Korean tech giant Samsung has assembled an internal team to develop its custom, bespoke CPU cores.

According to GSM Arena, a USA-based tech news website, these will be ARM-based initially and will be featured in a Galaxy-branded chipset in 2025.

The aspect of the report that was the most intriguing suggests that by 2027, Samsung will have created its own CPU cores that don’t borrow ARM designs. They will allegedly appear in Samsung Electronics products, including premium smartphones.

The idea behind this certainly revolves around "vertical integration" and controlling as much of the product as you can. The peculiarity stems from Samsung having really attempted this with a committed team in Austin, Texas.

The project was known as Project Mongoose because, as it turns out, a mongoose is a snake-eating animal and a krait is a type of viper, and Qualcomm’s cores are known as Krait. The Mongoose cores did function well; however, because of issues with heat generation and power efficiency, the project was abandoned in 2019.

But it looks like the company still feels that using its own CPU cores will bring great improvements to the optimization of its smartphones, whatever that means.

Going ARM-less would be quite a huge step though, Samsung can still use heavily customized ARM designs, just like Qualcomm does. The company doesn’t need to fully develop CPU cores on its own in order to succeed at competing with Qualcomm and MediaTek, as per GSM Arena. (ANI)