Death toll rises to 36 due to landslides, floods in southeastern Brazil

Sao Paulo [Brazil], February 21 (ANI): The death toll from the landslides and floods on the Atlantic coast of Brazil’s Sao Paulo has risen to 36, according to the Folha de S.Paulo, a Brazilian newspaper reported.

After the death cases were released, Sao Sebastiao declared a state of public calamity on Sunday.

Until 11 pm this Sunday (19), over 200 people were displaced and 300 were homeless. Roads were also blocked.

The city was one of the most severely hit, with neighbourhoods isolated and road access cut off. The city hall estimates that even more victims are in the more distant communities.

Meteorologists say it was the most intense storm recorded in the country’s history in a short period of time and not associated with tropical cyclones, reported Folha de S.Paulo.

According to the state government, in less than 24 hours it rained more than 600 mm in some locations. This is equivalent to 600 litres of water per square meter in the period.

The Mogi-Bertioga highway, which serves the Baixada Santista region, was closed, and there was a blockade on the Rio-Santos highway. There was also an interruption in the water supply. (ANI)