Tri services military commanders dealing with western front to meet next week in Mumbai

New Delhi [India], June 1 (ANI): At a time when the defence forces are moving towards creating theatre commands, military commanders of all three defence forces dealing with threats from the western front will meet next week in Mumbai, said an official.

"Military commanders from all three forces including Army, Navy and Air Force would be meeting next week in Mumbai to discuss the threat from the Pakistan front and other security issues from that side", government officials told ANI.

They said that the meeting is taking place at a time when Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Anil Chauhan is working towards creating Theatre Commands which will be based on the threats faced by the country from different sides.

The CDS has issued orders towards cross staffing among the three services and holding joint wargames in future to create more synergy between the forces.

"The western front military commanders’ conference will include the commanders-in-chief of the Army’s Northern, Western, South Western and Southern Commands, IAF’s Western, South Western and Southern commands along with the Navy’s Western Command", said the sources.

The commanders of the eastern front have also been meeting in the past along with the island territory commanders.

The government created the new post of Chief of Defence Staff to hasten the process of increasing jointness among the defence forces which have 17 operational commands headed by commander-in-chief rank officers.

CDS Gen Anil Chauhan has already visited the majority of these 17 formations and the steps being taken by the DMA in this regard.

The theatre commands are planned to be raised to create joint warfighting formations ready to meet modern warfare’s challenges.

New formations like the Defence Cyber Agency, tri-services Armed Forces Special Operations Division and Defence Space Agency have been created to support the operations of theatres. (ANI)