Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pays respect to SEWA founder Ela Bhatt

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], February 5 (ANI): Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), a central trade union, spread in 18 states of India having a membership of 2.5 million women workers welcomed Former United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s visit is to celebrate India’s 75th Anniversary of Independence.

On the completion of 50 years of SEWA, as a trade union, former Secretary Clinton’s visit motivates the younger generation to take forward the movement for another 50 years.

Secretary Clinton has been a great source of inspiration to SEWA’s members and her visit motivates the younger generation to take forward the movement for another 50 years.

Secretary Clinton, Hillaryben as she is known in SEWA, paid homage to the Founder of SEWA, Elaben Bhatt.

On hearing the slogan "Every ben is Elaben", Clinton said that this slogan should be understood as each of us to strive and enjoy all the rights that Elaben has been working for and fulfil all the responsibilities that come with these rights.

Victoria Garden has great significance as Shri Elaben started the SEWA movement by holding the first meeting with women workers there. Elaben symbolizes the celebration of the 50th year of SEWA; Hilary planted a peepal tree in Victoria’s garden. Peepal Tree depicts the journey of SEWA as a women’s movement, labor movement, and cooperative movement.

Secretary Clinton visiting this sacred place in tribute to Shri Elaben stated that a unique thing happened in the city of Ahmedabad that has spread to Gujarat and further expanded to India in the past 50 years.

This installation is not an end but also a mark of beginning not only in a city but in other countries also for women and poor workers who find their own idols.

SEWA senior leaders and next-generation leaders remembering Elaben also shared their struggles and achievements for the past 50 years at SEWA Reception Centre also named "Hillary Chowk" by Elaben at the request of the SEWA sisters.

Secretary Clinton, addressing more than 500 leaders, members and second and third-generation members said that the membership of SEWA has increased manifolds since her 1st visit and 2nd visit and it will grow more in the coming year not because SEWA is good at organizing but because it is the only way ahead for woman and poor workers.

She further added that she will try to do whatever is necessary in bringing the spirit of sisterhood not only in the USA but all across the world. She also assured that she will be happy to do that year after year and decade after decade. She expressed that her daughter and our daughters can meet here to celebrate 100 years of SEWA. She ended by wishing all the leaders of SEWA that their unions and cooperatives be multiplied like your membership and spread across all states of India and the neighboring countries and beyond. Secretary Clinton on a private visit met Elaben’s family to pay her respects. (ANI)