Facebook defeats $3.7 billion lawsuit in UK, but more may be coming

LONDON, England: Social media giant Facebook has successfully defeated a 3 billion pound ($3.7 billion) collective lawsuit alleging that it abused its dominant position to monetize the personal data of users.

However, the lawyers of the claimants were given up to six months to "have another go" at establishing any alleged losses by the London tribunal.

The mass action lawsuit against Facebook’s parent company Meta was brought on behalf of some 45 million Facebook users in the UK.

One of the claimants, legal academic Liza Lovdahl Gormsen, said Facebook users were not properly compensated for the value of personal data they had to provide to use the platform.

Last month, her lawyers asked the Competition Appeal Tribunal to certify the case under the UK’s collective proceedings regime, equivalent to the class action regime in the US.

However, Judge Marcus Smith ruled that Lovdahl Gormsen’s methodology of establishing any losses suffered by Facebook users required a "root-and-branch re-evaluation" for the case to continue.

The tribunal then gave the claimants’ lawyers six months to "file additional evidence setting out a new and better blueprint leading to an effective trial."

A Meta spokesperson said the company welcomed the decision and reiterated that the lawsuit is "entirely without merit."