Two monkeys from Dallas Zoo, presumed stolen, found in abandoned house

DALLAS, Texas: The Dallas Police have announced that two emperor tamarin monkeys that disappeared earlier this week from the Dallas Zoo have been found in an abandoned home in the city of Lancaster, a suburb just south of Dallas, and have been safely returned to the zoo.

The disappearance of the monkeys, which are native to South America’s Amazon River Basin, was the latest in a series of suspicious activities at the zoo over the past two weeks, which included the enclosures for langurs monkeys being cut open, the escape of a leopard, and the suspicious death of a 35-year-old vulture.

It is unclear if any of the incidents was linked to the escape of the tamarin monkeys, which were examined by veterinarians after being brought back to the zoo.

In a tweet, Dallas Zoo said, "We are thrilled beyond belief to share that our two emperor tamarin monkeys have been found."

Earlier this week, the police tweeted a photo of a young man they said they would like to speak with regarding the disappearance of the monkeys.

Dallas Zoo said that its staff discovered the monkeys were missing on January 30 and alerted the police, adding that investigators believed the animals were removed from their habitat.