Operation Dost: Indian Army doctor’s fixators being used in Turkey, Syria to treat earthquake victims

By Ajit DubeyNew Delhi [India], February 12 (ANI): An Indian Army doctor has developed an external fixator for hand fractures which is being used in Turkey and Syria for helping earthquake victims.

The external fixator is aimed at healing the patients faster, the official said.

Colonel Vijay Pandey, the developer of the fixator, said that it is cheaper than the solutions available.

"The new fixator is lighter and cheaper than the solutions available earlier and can heal patients faster," he said.

The rescue and search team in quake-hit Turkey’s Antakya are fighting against time to save the people as the death toll in the country reached 24,617.

As the death toll keeps increasing, UN relief chief Martin Griffiths describes the powerful earthquakes that jolted southern Turkey and northwestern Syria earlier this week as the "worst event" to hit this region in a century, Anadolu Agency tweeted.

Earlier today, the seventh Operation Dost flight reached earthquake-hit Syria with over 23 tons of relief material which was received by Deputy Minister of Local AdministrationEnvironment Moutaz Douaji at Damascus airport.

"7th OperationDost flight reached Syria with over 23 tons of relief material, including gensets, solar lamps, emergencycritical care medicines,disaster relief consumables. Received at Damascus airport by Deputy Minister of Local Administration and Environment Moutaz Douaji," tweeted Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi.

The seventh Operation Dost flight on Saturday departed for earthquake-hit Syria and Turkey. The Indian Air Force C17 carrying relief material, medical aid, emergency and critical care medicines, medical equipment and consumables took off from Hindon Airbase in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad.

The IAF aircraft with relief materials, medical aid, and emergency and critical care medicines will first land in Syria and unload materials and then head to Turkey. EAM S Jaishankar also took to his Twitter handle to talk about the flight departing from Ghaziabad.

He tweeted, "The 7th OperationDost flight departs for Syria and Turkiye. Flight is carrying relief material, medical aid, emergencycritical care medicines, medical equipmentconsumables."On February 06, 2023, a devastating earthquake happened in Turkey and Syria.

India launched Operation Dost to extend assistance to Turkey as well as Syria after devastating quakes and aftershocks in the region.

Under ‘Operation Dost’, India is sending a massive amount of humanitarian aid to Turkey and Syria. (ANI)