Biden administration sued by Texas over abortion drug demands

AUSTIN, Texas: In an effort to prevent the US from requesting pharmacies to fill abortion drug prescriptions, Texas has sued the Biden administration.

In July 2022, the administration said that regardless of related state bans, refusing to fill prescriptions for abortion drugs could violate federal law.

The guidance, which involves some 60,000 US retail pharmacies, is part of an executive order signed by Biden to ease access to abortion services after the US Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortions in the US.

In a statement this week, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said, "The Biden Administration knows that it has no legal authority to institute this radical abortion agenda, so now it is trying to intimidate every pharmacy in America by threatening to withhold federal funds."

In January, White House officials said that 60 anti-abortion bills have been filed in the 2023 legislative session, and over 26 million women currently live in US states that have banned abortion.

In the same month, the Food and Drug Administration also said that abortion pills would become more widely available at pharmacies and through the mail.

In Texas, a legal battle is underway at a federal court, after abortion opponents sued to reverse the approval of the drugs.

Last week, a group of 20 Republican state attorneys-general told Walgreens and CVS Health that they risk breaking federal and state law if they provide abortion drug mifepristone by mail.