Many countries drawn to India’s UPI: PM Modi in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ address

New Delhi [India], February 26 (ANI): Highlighting country’s digital strides, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said many countries of the world are drawn to India’s UPI.

Addressing the 98th Edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio programme, PM Modi remarked that the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) system and e-Sanjeevani App are shining example of the power of Digital India.

"Many countries of the world are drawn towards India’s UPI. Only a few days ago, UPI-PayNow Link has been launched between India and Singapore. Now, people of Singapore and India are transferring money from their mobile phones in the same way as they do within their respective countries," he said.

Prime Minister said the country has seen that at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, the eSanjeevani App has proved to be a great boon for the people. It is a shining example of the power of Digital India, he said.

"Through this app, tele-consultation, that is, while sitting far away, through video conference, you can consult a doctor about your illness. Till now, the number of tele-consultants using this app has crossed the figure of 10 crore. This amazing bond between a patient and a doctor is a big achievement. For this achievement, I congratulate all the doctors and patients who have availed of this facility. This is a living example of how the people of India have made technology a part of their lives," PM said.

During the programme, Prime Minister spoke with Dr Madan Mani from Sikkim. He also spoke to Madan Mohan, a resident of Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh who shared his experience as a patient whoo got the benefit of teleconsultation via e-Sanjeevani App.

Prime Minister further spoke about Indian toys and story-telling forms in ‘Mann ki Baat’.

He said citizens have made ‘Mann Ki Baat’ a wonderful platform as an expression of public participation.

He said, "In Mann ki Baat, when we referred to Indian toys. My fellow citizens have promoted this too, readily. Nowadays Indian toys have become such craze that their demnad has increased even in foreign countries. When we spoke of Indian genre of story-telling in ‘Mann ki Baat, their fame also reached far and wide. People started getting attracted to the Indian story-teeling genre more and more."’Mann ki Baat’ is a monthly address, aired on All India Radio on the last Sunday of every month, through which Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with countrymen. (ANI)