Dublin boy who killed woman when 14 to be detained for life

DUBLIN, Ireland — Following government statements that legislation will provide new sentencing structures for juveniles convicted of serious crimes, the 17-year-old who stabbed Urantsetseg Tserendorj to death has been detained for life with a review after 13 years.

The trial judge, Mr. Justice Tony Hunt, noted that no provision in the legislation allowed judges to suspend any portion of the defendant’s sentence, so the teenager’s sentencing was postponed. He claimed that a judge reviewing his case after 13 years would face an "all or nothing" decision: either release the child without any means of incentivizing good behavior or keep him in detention indefinitely.

On January 29, 2021, the accused, who was 14 at the time of the crime and cannot be named because he is a minor, denied murdering Ms. Tserendorj but pleaded guilty to her manslaughter. Following two trials, he was found guilty of her murder by a jury last year. The first trial ended in a jury deadlock.

On January 20, 2021, Ms. Tserendorj was stabbed in the neck on a walkway between George’s Dock and Custom House Quay in Dublin’s IFSC after a teenager attempted to rob her.

Ms. Tserendorj died on the evening of January 29, 2021, due to a lack of oxygen to the brain caused by a 1.5cm stab wound that partially severed her carotid artery. Ms. Tserendorj, who worked in Dublin’s city center, had moved to Ireland about 15 years before her death with her husband and two children.

On her way home on foot that night, she was approached by a teenager who asked for money. He stabbed her when she said she didn’t have any money. When garda officers arrived at the defendant’s house the next day in response to a stolen bicycle report, the teenager admitted stabbing Ms. Tserendorj.

Detective Sergeant Brendan Casey stated at a sentencing hearing last year that the teenager’s parents were chronic drug addicts. His grandmother provided evidence that he began abusing drugs at a young age.

According to Det Sgt Casey, the teen had 31 prior convictions, including two attempted robberies and five robberies, one production of an article, one assault causing harm, and a number of drug offenses.