Honda says it will develop hydrogen fuel cells for cars, trucks

TOKYO, Japan: Honda has announced that it will manufacture a new hydrogen fuel cell system, which was jointly developed with General Motors (GM).

This week, Honda announced that it will target annual sales of 2,000 hydrogen vehicles by the middle of this decade, with the aim of increasing this figure to 60,000 units per year by 2030.

It also aims to expand the use of its hydrogen system not only for its own fuel cell electric vehicles, but also commercial vehicles, such as heavy trucks.

During an event in Tokyo, Honda senior managing executive director Shinji Aoyama said the company will begin producing the hydrogen fuel cell system this year, through a joint venture with the US General Motors.

Tetsuya Hasebe, general manager of Honda’s hydrogen business development division, also said, "While commercial vehicles are in use all over the world, they will likely see electrification, just as with passenger cars," as quoted by Reuters.