Germany says it will speed visas for Indian IT workers

BERLIN, Germany: Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said that in an effort to ease a shortage of skilled workers, the German government aims to assist in distributing work visa applications for information technology specialists from India.

Improving the legal framework to make Germany more attractive for software developers and IT experts is a priority for his government this year, he added.

During a visit to India’s high-tech hub of Bengaluru, Scholz said, "We want to make the issuing of visas easier. Aside from the legal modernization, we want to modernize the entire bureaucratic process, as well," as reported by Reuters.

The fact that workers do not speak German when they come to Germany should not be seen as a hurdle if people arrive in the country speaking English first and learning German later, he added.

In 2022, Scholz invited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend a G7 summit hosted in Bavaria, stating that he favors India joining this year’s meeting in Japan.