Irena Soprano is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and owner of several fashion brands and a large clothing production. Stars and people with a lot of followers wear her clothes. It all started with a small company, which is a very interesting fact.

Irena started a high-end boutique-atelier in 2011. Here, high-end gowns were made to each person's specifications. In 2017, Irena had the idea to make crystal dresses that were one of a kind. At that time, "SOL Atelier" came up with its own way to put crystals of different sizes and shapes on fabric. In 2018, Irena started a new brand called "SOL Angelann." Also, crystal dresses have become the brand's signature over time.

Production grew, the audience grew, and Irena knew it was time to go to the next level. In fact, the brand quickly became well-known all over the world. On red carpets, well-known celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, and Paris Hilton wear "SOL Angelann" dresses.

It makes sense that people like and are interested in "SOL Angelann." The main style of brend is based on the inner freedom of a mode, successful woman who, despite having a strong personality, a sharp mind, determination, and being able to take care of herself, still lets herself be feminine and show off her beauty. If we're talking about products, the brand's line-up is a classic that will last forever. You can find everything from dresses with straps to maxi dresses that reach the floor. In general, the best factories in the world make all of the materials used in sewing collections, such as knitted viscose, crepe, silk, gabardine, wool, and cashmere.

In 2021, the "SOL Angelann" flagship store by Irena Soprano opened in a high-end area of Moscow city. The brand has increased the number of things it can make by five times, released a new line of dresses with prints and a wider range of shoes, swimwear, and bags with crystals on them. The brand spread around the world, and a company was set up in the UAE. At the end of the year, a successful fashion show was held in Dubai.

2022 was full of events. First, the brand's fashion weeks took place in more places, including Dubai, Milan, Paris, New York, Berlin, and Frankfurt. Moscow, Paris, London, Munich, Los Angeles, Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, and Tashkent are some of the places where "SOL Angelann" collections are shown.

Also, 2022 has become a year with lots of big changes. Irena has gotten a lot of ideas about how to grow the business. A lot of financiers wanted to work with the company. It was decided that "SOL Angelann" would get bigger. Because of this, the company had to change its image in a big way. The company now goes by the moniker "SOLANGEL." Now, we can say for sure that it's a new chapter in the brand's fashion history.

There are many plans for 2023. The company is already in the process of being restructured. The brand wants to grow and start doing business in the Middle East in the new year. There will be new shops here. The famous crystal dresses will be easy to find at Dubai Mall, Emirates Mall, and many other top shopping malls.

This way wasn't picked by chance. Most of the top stars in the east wear these dresses when they go to carpets. For example, Nadine Abdel Aziz, Cyrine Abdel Nourx, Lojain Omran, Cyrine Nour, and many more. It really shows how good something is. Another company wants to take over the Asian market, too. Talks are already going on with the biggest shopping malls in Korea and China. Without a doubt, 2023 will be a wonderful, bright, and interesting year. Nothing is out of the question for "SOLANGEL."